Music to My Ears: La India & Marc Anthony- Vivir Lo Nuestro

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My visit to Cuba de Ayer, which you can read about here left me in a salsa mood. I knew I wanted my first music post to be a salsa, but deciding on the artist and song was hard.

At first, Celia Cruz seemed like the clear choice, but I’d already had plans to do a later post on her. So, my next choice was an equally amazing singer with a completely different style from Ms. Cruz.

Celia is known as La Reina de la Salsa (the Queen of Salsa), and this woman is known as La Princesa de la Salsa (the Princess of Salsa), and that title is definitely one she deserves. She’s one of the very few females to ever “make it” in the salsa scene, and is the physical manifestation of power, fragility, confidence, and humility, all wrapped into one: La India.

Alongside her, in this video, you’ll find another salsa giant- Marc Anthony- in all his big, curly-haired glory. In addition to having been a successful salsero basically since I was born, he’s also had great success in the acting world, having had roles in movies like In the Time of Butterflies, starred in El Cantante, and seriously, who could forget him in Hawthorne? Really now?!!?

I didn’t even watch the show, and I still remember “that scene”….

About the Song:

Vivir Lo Nuestro is a song that came out in the early 90’s.

It literally translates to “Live What’s Ours”, and roughly translates to “Live our Lives”, or “Live How We Want”. The idea behind it all is two people talking about escaping to some far-off place where they can just be in love, and not worry about issues that are currently interfering in their relationship, such as race, and other people’s thoughts and opinions.

Why I Chose It:

On a lyrical level, this song is here because it is an authentic love song. To me, it represents love in its purest form- innocent, trusting, and a bit naive.

But apart from the lyrics, its all about La India.

Both performers are fantastic in that they manage to do what so few can do, and sound just as good live as they do in their recordings. Apart from that, their onstage chemistry is great, but for me, India has still always been the star.

From start to finish. From her baby hairs, down to her gold heels, and right out through the cigar held between her fingertips, this woman performs.

Even those that don’t understand the words of the song will be able to see that. So check out the video below, and tell me what you think. You can also find a version subtitled in English here, but the words are a little distracting, so I recommend just enjoying the performance first!

Until next time.



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