Music to My Ears: Nneka- Restless

“Music to My Ears” is a series of recurring posts showcasing the music of artists from around the world.

Embed from Getty Images

About the Artist:

Nneka Egbuna is a Nigerian-born singer/rapper/goddess that every so often chooses to bless the world with a reminder that true artistry still exists in today’s music if you know where to look for it.

About the Song:

Restless is from Nneka’s 2012 album “Soul is Heavy”, and this track is just that- heavy.

Like all art, the song’s meaning is up to individual interpretation, but to me, it’s a testament to the importance of perspective, and a depiction of the healing process.

The sentence “You don’t need me no more.” is repeated throughout the song, and though it stays the same, by the end of the song, it has adopted a completely different meaning.

Why I Chose It:

First, the video. Nneka is an amazing singer, but you can also tell that this song means something to her. Either she’s a great actress, or she’s been through this before, and I choose to believe the latter.

And lastly, it’s here because it’s a song about heartbreak that isn’t based completely around self-pity or revenge. It’s about realizing that maybe you did put your all into a relationship, and somehow still ended up walking away with the short end of the stick.

It happens (believe me, I know).

It sucks (believe me, I know).

But if you can live through a situation like that, and still walk away without spite in your heart, that’s when you’ll really be free.

…I’m still working on this part.

Anyway, check out the video below. What does it mean to you?




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