4 Tips For Flying Spirit Airlines And Actually Not Regretting It

Embed from Getty Images There are 3 different types of people in this world, with little gray area in between:

  1. Those that love Spirit Airlines
  2. Those that hate Spirit Airlines
  3. Those that have never experienced Spirit Airlines

So far, I would put myself in the first category. *Side note: I’m not affiliated with Spirit Airlines in any way. My first time flying with them, I was nervous. There’s a lot of negative talk about them online, but I had a positive experience, and now, I want to help others do the same.

For those of you that don’t know about Spirit, according to them, they’re the “leading Ultra Low Cost Carrier in the US, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Latin America”. Cool. And what’s that all mean?


I’ve seen some for as low as $23 one-way, but of course, with deals like that come a few caveats. Spirit Airlines advertises “Bare Fares”. In other words, you are paying for the gas needed to get your butt from Point A to Point B, and nothing more. So, you also have to expect nothing more. This means no free checked luggage, no say in your seats, no complimentary beverage, no tiny bag of pretzels. So, now that all that is out in the open, let’s get on to the good stuff. Here are my tips for flying Spirit with no regrets:

  1. Be Real With Yourself

Embed from Getty Images If you couldn’t tell from all the stuff above, Spirit isn’t for everybody.

  • If you pack 3 suitcases for a weekend trip
  • If you require an excess of legroom
  • If the free pack of cookies the airline provides is your favorite part of the flight

Spirit Ain’t For You

  • If you live for in-flight movies
  • If you can’t go the duration of a flight without wi-fi
  • If you’re opposed to paying $3+ for a bottle of water, but you’re also prone to thirst (if that’s an actual thing.)

Spirit Ain’t For You

You can bring more than one bag with you; you can make sure you get a seat with extra room; you can have your cookies, and eat them too, but you’re going to have to pay for it. And depending on what you pay for, and when you pay for it, you may not be getting that great of a deal flying with Spirit. So before you book with them, be honest with yourself. What are your needs and expectations when it comes to an airline? If it’s anything beyond the bare minimum, you may want to consider flying with someone else.

  1. Pack Light

Embed from Getty Images Every passenger is entitled to bring on one free “personal item”, which is not the same as a carry-on. This can be a purse, a backpack, a small suitcase- it doesn’t matter, as long as it can fit into a 16” x 14” x 12” box (so, the item has to be smaller than those dimensions). Don’t try to bring your purse, AND a personal item because you will end up with a fee. And if you manage to somehow get those two items all the way to the gate, that fee will be a soul-crushing $100. You can purchase carry-on and checked bags online, at the reservation counter, or in the worst case, at the gate, and the specific rates can be found here, but I’m not going to go into detail on them because my main point was in the heading.

Pack light

Again, you won’t be saving money if you’re paying for extras at every turn. My last time flying with them, I packed 5-days-worth of clothes, shoes, and toiletries into a backpack. It can be done, and I’ll be showing you how I do it in my next post on Spirit as I prepare for my upcoming trip!

  1. Print Your Boarding Pass At Home Or At The Hotel

Embed from Getty Images Not much to say for this one. Spirit charges for eeeverything. Including printing your boarding pass. So, save yourself the $10. Check in and print out your boarding pass from home. Same for when you’re headed back. Print your boarding pass at the hotel. Even if public computers aren’t available, ask at the front desk if there is a way that you can use one in their office. I believe the boarding pass is also free if you print it out at one of the Spirit kiosks, but there was previous talk of adding a fee for that as well (surprise, surprise).

4. Get Your Mind Right Embed from Getty Images Basically, prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. It sounds awful, but its what worked for me. I read so much negative feedback about Spirit online before my flight that I came in with extremely low expectations. But at the end my trip, my only complaint was that the seats on the first leg of my flight were uncomfortable. I got to and from my destination safely, on time, and for an unbeatable price. What else could a girl ask for? Spirit has a bad rep, but they can be a great option for affordable flights. Just know your standards, and know how to avoid the fees.



2 thoughts on “4 Tips For Flying Spirit Airlines And Actually Not Regretting It

  1. Crystal says:

    How funny! I work at an airport and during my many trips on the skylink (tram from one terminal to the next), I’ve seen the bright yellow airplanes and wondered about them. Before starting there I’d never heard of them, and rarely spend enough time in the “International Terminal” to ask. Thanks for the insight and slight chuckle.

    • curlsonthego says:

      Of course, and thank you for reading!
      You know, working at an airport in some capacity or for an airline is one thing I considered doing for a while. It seems like a job that would never get boring- even though the airport tends to bring the worst out of some people. I’d rather have a crazy, eventful day than a dull one.
      I bet you have a lot of interesting stories : )

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