Music To My Ears: Pitbull ft. Gente de Zona- Piensas (Dile La Verdad)

“Music to My Ears” is a series of recurring posts showcasing the music of artists from around the world.

Image Credit: Alex Graves via

About the Artists:

Not going to go deep into this one for two main reasons:

1. Pitbull is a popular artist.

2. Gente de Zona is a group that’s lesser known outside of the Latin music community, but they’ve been around for close to 15 years. They achieved some mainstream success this past summer when the Spanglish version of Enrique Iglesias’ “Bailando” (which featured them, along with Sean Paul, and Descemer Bueno) hit the Billboard Hot 100 charts. It was great to see them get some recognition, but they are so much more than a group that just happened to be featured on a hot song along with a couple well-known artists. They’re extraordinarily talented in their own right, and will be getting their own post where I’ll share more about who they are, and what it is that makes what they do important.

About the Song:

This is not one of those songs you can sit and admire for its lyrical, or thematic complexity or uniqueness. Lyrically, and thematically what I feel for this song is what I feel for most Pitbull songs:


The song is about a man trying to get a woman to admit that she can’t get him out of her head- meanwhile, of course, he claims he never falls in love.

So, it’s that whole idea of “I could have you if I wanted you, but I don’t… but still, don’t forget that I could.”

Like I said:


But what I admire about this song is its musical intricacy. You can hear influences from so many different latin genres- flamenco, salsa, even some lambada- mixed into one, and the end result is unique, and complex, but it also feels very natural.

Why I Chose It:

I appreciate the mixture of musical styles mentioned above, but apart from that, it’s been two and a half weeks since I got back from Puerto Rico, and this snow is killing my mood.

If I close my eyes when I listen to this song…

I’m back on a beach in the Caribbean.



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