Food For Thought: Blessed Cafe En El Viejo San Juan

Image Credit: Jenni Konrad via Source License

Image Credit: Jenni Konrad

Stew chicken, and curry goat ,and Vybz Kartel?

Oh my…

The Restaurant

Blessed Cafe is located at 353 Calle San Francisco- about a minute’s walk from Plaza Colón in Old San Juan. Jamaican Cuisine is the specialty, and more likely than not, you’ll hear it before you see it.

The Experience

It’s really hard to miss this place.

There’s different types of Caribbean music playing throughout the day, and the noise spills out onto the street. Some songs I knew, and others had me wishing I hadn’t deleted Shazam from my phone to make room for Boom Beach.

Blessed Cafe Old San Juan

Yes, I was that embarrassing friend dancing and singing to myself at the table while trying to decide between the garlic shrimp, and the jerk chicken.

They played newer songs, and classics too. I was jamming in my own world until “Conjugal Visit” by Vybz Kartel and Spice came on, and one of the employees stopped the song, and searched for another one.

“Too much,”  He said.

Yeah, probably.

The Food

The first thing my friend and I did after getting our food was give each other the “are you serious?” look. The food looked great, with the exception of one thing.

As in literally, one thing.

One thing

One lonely, little, maduro in the corner.

Now, if you read my last Food For Thought post, you know that I do not play when it comes to my plantains. So, to see this was pretty sad for me.

My friend and I actually visited this restaurant twice (Too-Late Spoiler: the food was good enough for us to come back for more), and this picture is from our second time.

We went in wiser the second time, and armed with the knowledge that though the menu said entrees were served with plantainS, they were really served with plantaiN.

I asked the waitress if it would be possible to get more than one.

“Yes, but at a charge.”

That’s reasonable.

“Ok, sure, and how much will it be?”


Kinda expensive, but I guess it could be worth it

“Alright, and how many come with that?”



” 😐

“Thank you, but never mind.”

But back to our first visit.

Once that initial disappointment was over, and a couple jokes about platano shortages were exchanged, we moved on to the rest of the food.

Like I already said, we came back for more, and as hard as it may be to believe, it wasn’t for the plantain sliver. The food was BOMB.

No joke, I’m looking at the picture right now, and my stomach is growling.

I ordered the stew chicken with rice and beans.

The serving was pretty generous, and the rice and beans were probably some of the best that I had during my entire time in Puerto Rico.

As for the chicken, I hate using cliches in my descriptions, but “fall off the bone” tender is very appropriate in this case.

I mean, look at it! Believe it or not, there are a few very determined pieces of chicken clinging to their bones in there. Alongside them are potatoes and tangy, saucy deliciousness.

The Damage

One of the first things we noticed while looking at the menu was that there were no prices. That usually sets off red flags in my head, so when the check came I was almost afraid to look at it.


But $42 for two people wasn’t so bad since in general, Old San Juan is not a cheap place. All in all, it was much less than what I’d been anticipating.

What had me concerned more than anything else was the date on the receipt. Maybe Spirit Airlines is offering a new time traveling service and I just didn’t know?


Larry Hogan is my governor now, so clearly, crazier things have happened.

Final Thoughts

If there is a legit reason for this whole one maduro business that someone can explain, please tell me because I’m genuinely curious. I have some theories, but I WANT TO KNOW.

Moving on.

Blessed Cafe is great. Great food, great music, great employees, great location.

Go, go, go!



6 thoughts on “Food For Thought: Blessed Cafe En El Viejo San Juan

  1. Lorena I. Leon says:

    Love that place! But they have a serious platano maduro problem which almost makes me bring my own platanos in my purse. The coconut rice is amazing. Another good place is La Madre, right next to Blessed. They have a majado de batata or sweet potato that fills my soul (and stomach) with joy every time.

    • curlsonthego says:

      Ha! That’s exactly what my friend and I said. Heck, we’ll even cook them ourselves- and share with everyone, too!
      I remember seeing La Madre. I will have to go there next time because Lord knows I love anything involving sweet potato.
      Thanks for the recommendation!

    • curlsonthego says:

      Yes! I’d recommend it if you’re in the area (your mom might be a little disappointed, though 😦 )
      Thank you so much for reading. YOU made my day this time haha- I love when people comment ^_^

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