Knotty Thoughts: On My Hatred For The Quick Like (My #1 Blogging Pet Peeve)

Knotty Thoughts is a series of posts featuring the sometimes complex, sometimes intimidating, and other times just plain loopy ideas that come out of my head.

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This baby gets me- and don’t you dare like this post.

So, there’s a thing that happens every time I publish a post, and it happens without fail.

I spend a couple hours crafting something I think is good enough for people to want to read, I hit “Publish”, and then .00198 seconds later, I have a like.

And then, I make a face that looks a lot like this:

Image Credit:   David Johns   Source   License

Image Credit:
David Johns

(Not my actual face)

I get that some people read faster than others, and I’m a pretty good skimmer myself. But I find it hard to believe that anyone can digest 800 words in 3 seconds.

I guess if you wanted to, you could look at it as some bloggers wanting to encourage other bloggers by liking their posts even if they don’t read them. In that sense, its a nice gesture- but it still annoys me.

It’s like in high school when you’d spend a long time on your physics homework, bring it to class, and then the teacher would just check it for completion.

You get this feeling like “Why did I even bother?

And I know people’s feelings on this probably vary based on why they blog, and how they interpret success. But as far as my blog, and what I want it to become, receiving arbitrary likes isn’t really conducive for success.

To me, what you get has never been as important as how you get it. I’ve never cheated on a test- even when I could have easily done so. A few times, my grades suffered for it, but I’ve just always liked being able to know that there are many things that I’ve gotten in life that I’ve worked hard for and earned for myself. Even though I’ve had some pretty miserable failures, I like knowing that the successes I’ve had weren’t earned through pity or error. It’s important to me.

Personally, I’d rather have no likes on a good post than 100 likes on a crappy one.

So, if you’ve gotten all the way to the bottom of this, and still want to like this mini-rant, feel free to do so. Or even better, tell me if you have any blogging pet peeves, because comments- now, those, I love!



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