Music To My Ears: Amor En Practica- J Alvarez

“Music to My Ears” is a series of recurring posts showcasing the music of artists from around the world.

Image Credit:   Guian Bolisay   Source   License

Image Credit:
Guian Bolisay

About the Artist:

The only thing I can really say about this guy is that he kind of came out of nowhere, all of a sudden was everywhere, and then it just stayed that way.

No joke, there was a period (sometime in 2012 I believe) when it seemed like every week, a new song of his was getting played to death on the radio. And if it wasn’t one of his songs, it was a song he was featured on.

Like I said, dude was everywhere.

He’s a reggaeton artist from Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, and he’s definitely on the reggaeton “romantico” side of things. Most of his songs are about love, lust, and/or sex.

About the Song:

This song was released early last year, and talks of a love that was never meant to be.

It seems like the woman is in a relationship, so we’ve got the whole “we know what we’re doing is wrong, but we cant help ourselves” thing going on.

“Dejamos todo claro,
We made everything clear

no íbamos a enamorarnos,
We weren’t going to fall in love

no no no no,

nos distanciamos,
We distanced ourselves from each other

nos extrañamos,
We missed each other

nos encontramos y ahora todo cambio.
We got together, and now everything has changed

Why I Chose It:

Even though I’m not as big on this genre as I was when I was younger, reggaeton will always have a place in my heart.

For that reason, for years, I’ve taken it as my moral duty to expose people to reggaeton artists that aren’t Daddy Yankee or Don Omar.



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