Knotty Thoughts: 17 things that will definitely happen when you work from home for the first time (Awesome Illustrations Included)

A couple weeks ago, I forgot I’d taken my laptop home over the weekend, and went to work without it.

When I got there and saw my empty desk, I explained what had happened to my manager, and because she’s awesome, she told me that it was no big deal; I could work from home.

Thus, this post was born! So here’s what’s 110% certain to happen the first time you work from home.

Sketches(1)1. You’ll take off all your clothes

Business casuwuuuut?


2. Then, you’ll think about it and opt for sweats.

Because what if the higher-ups are watching you through your webcam to make sure you’re actually working? Seriously, it’s happened.


3. You’ll check your e-mail




If your boss sends you something, you want to be able to respond to it in .02 seconds… you don’t want her to think you’re at home slacking off.

Working from home is srs bizzz.


4. You’ll work, of course

Sketches(11)5. But while working, you’ll vocalize your frustrations more than usual


6. And you’ll snack

Sketches(5)7. But then, you’ll think about all you’ve eaten and be horrified


8. So you’ll start snacking on healthy food instead!

And it’s ok, because banana. Duh. 


9. You’ll work hard

Sketches(11)10. But halfway through the day, a naughty thought will cross your mind….


11. And you’ll fight it…

Must… not… nap..


12. But eventually, you’ll give in

And doze off for 15 minutes with one eye open.

13. Then, your alarm will go off and you’ll wake up!


14. And check your e-mail

You know, for the message from your boss saying you’re fired because the IT people saw you through your webcam sleeping like a dolphin.


15. But it won’t be there


16. And you’ll have a massive amount of energy now, so you’ll do a handstand


And you’ll work like that for the rest of the day because you’re that not-tired


17. And when it’s all over, you’ll upright yourself

and look forward to the next time you forget your laptop and get to work from home.

  Sketches(16)      -Charly


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