Music to My Ears: Turn by Turn- Kcee

About the Artist:

Kcee is a singer from Lagos, Nigeria, who rose to solo fame after being part of a duo called KC Presh for 12 years. “Limpopo”, a song that reportedly took him only 40 minutes to record, is credited as being the single that put him on the map. Prior to “Limpopo”, he’d released several other songs that never quite made it big.

About the Song:

“Turn by Turn” is a song with a positive message that is representative of Kcee’s career: don’t let the bad times get you down; eventually, with faith in God, your breakthrough will come.

Why I Chose It:

This song speaks to me personally. While I don’t think I’ll be buying a Rolls Royce any time soon, after going through one of the toughest years of my life, doors I never knew existed have opened for me. Take it from someone who knows: Trouble don’t last!

Be inspired!


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