Food For Thought: Blessed Cafe En El Viejo San Juan

Image Credit: Jenni Konrad via Source License

Image Credit: Jenni Konrad

Stew chicken, and curry goat ,and Vybz Kartel?

Oh my…

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Food for Thought: Cuba de Ayer

The series of events that led up to me visiting Cuba de Ayer makes no sense at all, but here it goes:

The Background

It all started Thursday, when I was putting on my boots.

Earlier in the day, I’d foolishly decided to take on the challenge of washing my hair, while fully aware of the fact that I had actual things to do that day.

Like “things”, meaning things that were time sensitive, and involved being seen in public.

By the time I’d finished battling with my hair, I was running 10 minutes behind schedule, and then, my boot wouldn’t zip.

We have a love-hate relationship.

We have a love-hate relationship.

While lying on my back, foot in hand, looking much like I did during my first pitiful attempt at a Wii Fit yoga session, I heard my phone ring.

I grabbed it off the bed, and to my horror, saw an unsaved number with what I recognized as a California area code.

Flash back to earlier this week.

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