Music To My Ears: City High ft. Eve- Caramel Remix (A.K.A The Song Every Woman Should Relate To)

“Music to My Ears” is a series of recurring posts showcasing the music of artists from around the world.

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I’ve found that when most people think of City High, they think of “What Would You Do?”, which is also a song I love! But this one deserves more recognition because besides being catchy, it’s pretty darn bold.

About the Artists:

City High was active from the late 90’s through the early 2000’s. Though their reign was short, they put out a couple classics. (….and I mean “a couple” quite literally)

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Art Of Your World: Rude Boy Dhol “Remix” by Rani Taj

This video went viral years ago, but if you missed it, you’re in for a treat. And if you didn’t miss it, read this post anyway- you may learn something you didn’t know!

About The Video

According to Wikipedia, mankind’s most reliable/unreliable source for information ever, this video was taken after Taj had finished playing for a wedding, and some of the attendees suggested she improvise to some modern songs.

Not only was the request granted, but it was recorded, and posted on Youtube, where millions of people from all around the world watched it, and were amazed by the talent of the young woman- who I just realized was only about 16 years old when this video was taken!

Why It’s Here

First, if you can’t already tell, I have an immense respect and regard for music. My experiences have shown me that not only can music be a great teacher, but it can also serve as a remarkable cultural ambassador.

Before seeing this video, I knew what bhangra was, but I had no idea what a dhol was, and I’m willing to bet that many others who saw the video were in the same situation. But I remember after I watched it, I looked up the instrument, and learned about its history, and other musical styles it was used in. I searched youtube for bhangra artists, and built a pretty extensive playlist.

A year later, when I had a new roommate who actually knew Punjabi, she was surprised to hear my music (which was on shuffle) go from rap to bhangra, and we had a pretty cool dialogue on it.

In a day when people for some reason get so uncomfortable discussing ethnicity and race, music opens up a door for us to learn about each other, and videos like this one are just spurring the process along.

But I’m getting off topic, so in conclusion, YOU GO, GIRL!

Enjoy the video below, and tell me- what is your favorite style of music?

Music to My Ears: La India & Marc Anthony- Vivir Lo Nuestro

My visit to Cuba de Ayer, which you can read about here left me in a salsa mood. I knew I wanted my first music post to be a salsa, but deciding on the artist and song was hard.

At first, Celia Cruz seemed like the clear choice, but I’d already had plans to do a later post on her. So, my next choice was an equally amazing singer with a completely different style from Ms. Cruz.

Celia is known as La Reina de la Salsa (the Queen of Salsa), and this woman is known as La Princesa de la Salsa (the Princess of Salsa), and that title is definitely one she deserves. She’s one of the very few females to ever “make it” in the salsa scene, and is the physical manifestation of power, fragility, confidence, and humility, all wrapped into one: La India.

Alongside her, in this video, you’ll find another salsa giant- Marc Anthony- in all his big, curly-haired glory. In addition to having been a successful salsero basically since I was born, he’s also had great success in the acting world, having had roles in movies like In the Time of Butterflies, starred in El Cantante, and seriously, who could forget him in Hawthorne? Really now?!!?

I didn’t even watch the show, and I still remember “that scene”….

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